46-Toldot haneshama

43) Toldot haneshama

Egel tal vekristal menagnim yachad
Beheichal hadmama
Vilonot harakia naim im haruach
Sheba à im neshima
Mi shenach ba’achdut Ha achdut nacha bo
Gam belev hashmama
Beheichal bereshit vilonot harakia
Naìm toldot haneshama

Ma iye, ma haya
Ma hove hove ma
Menagen et hamusica Umesapered-et sod
Toldot haneshama

The secret of the soul
A dew drop and a crystal
Play music together
In the temple of silence
Heaven’s curtains move with the wind
That comes with a breath
Who rests in unity, unity rests in him
Even in the heart of a wasteland
At the temple of beginning
Heaven’s curtains move
The chronicles of the soul
What will be what was
Is what is now present
Playing the music and telling
The secret of the soul’s chronicles

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