What is Círculo de Luz e Amor?

We are a religious community that strifes for a world where man and nature are in harmony. We realise that this can only happen when we are harmonious within ourselves. We achieve this by doing meditation, singing songs, doing rituals and ceremonies, combining sincerity with a healthy dose of humor.

Why the Portuguese name?

We find the Portuguese language one of the most natural sounding languages we know, especially in singing.

What about sexuality?

Many religions, past and present, have attempted to suppress sexuality with disastrous results. Man is a sexual being, and should be allowed to live a healthy sexual life. When there is mutual consent and legal age there should be no restrictions on who and how you love.

What about health?

Your health is your responsibility. We believe that vaccinations can be helpful in preventing certain diseases but we should stay away from gen therapy and genetic manipulation in general.

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